Skyline Chili, Inc. Review


A 51 year old female manager of the Sawmill location after 9 years of loyal service was told she was “acting weird” and sent home with no further explanation. After 2 days of constant attempts to contact the owner of this location and the location on Riverside drive, also in Columbus, who refused to explain any further, fired her via text message, leaving her without income, without paying her 9 years worth of verbally promised vacation time worth over $4000, and without any explanation or reason provided. | Scott Redwine, the owner of the sawmill road location and the location 2995 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43202, phone number (614) 914-8434, told his 9 year loyal veteran 51 year old female manager that she was “acting weird” and to leave her shift immediately and go home. After refusing to clarify what he meant, and refusing to answer any attempts at contact for over 2 days, he fired her via text message – again with no reason given – leaving her unemployed and at risk of becoming homeless. He also reneged on his hiring promise of granting 1 week per year “anniversary paid time off” worth about $4k which would have helped her pay her bills while trying to find another job. | Disgusting behaviour and betrayal of 9 years of loyal service, and pretend “friendship”.


  • Name: Skyline Chili, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Fairfield
  • Address: 4180 Thunderbird Lane
  • Phone: (513) 874-1188.
  • Website:

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