SLG Marketing, Inc. Review


Ok, here’s the scope. Sadly these are the same guys that are all over the NJ area. They continuously change their names, but it’s the same old pyramid scammers. Multi-level marketing / pyramid scam, whatever you want to call it, they are all the same. | First things is they will call you telling you about a job. They always have jobs, because they are trying to recruit more people for their pyramid. They will always promise growth, because there is growth, theirs. When you get in, and want to make money, you need to recruit more people yourself, so that you create another level of the pyramid. | After you go to your interview, it all gets fishy from here. There’s no real job that you actually do any work. The jobs are usually making calls to see how many others you can recruit. You either make calls or go door to door. You actually may end up going to stores. | Your second interview happens very soon, because they really want you. They make it seem like you are on a big list of people so there’s chances that you’re not going to be called. You will don’t worry. | Overall, these are all scams, they’re not real jobs. They are all over the job boards and now all over social media. Let me see if I can help you from getting too far with these nonsense companies. | First off you should check out their website. What they say on the phone is that they represent fortune 500 companies, such as: Home Depot, Solar City, Samsung, etc. If they truly do any form of marketing for these companies, they would advertise this on their website. I’ve been with companies that represent other known companies, and the first thing we do is always publish the fact that we represent them. It’s high profile to use your clients name, logo, etc on your website, because you’re representing them. These phoney companies cannot put anyone on their website, because it’s against the law to say they do anything for companies they do not represent. | Phone numbers, they only have one phone number for everyone in the company. No one in the entire company has a different phone number. How can this be? You call up and only one person picks up the phone. There’s no transferring of lines, because it’s the same line. Ridiculous. | E mail address: The company’s e mail address is: HRwhatever. How in the world does a company’s e mail start with the words HR? HR as in Human Resources. They want to make it seem like it’s from a real Human resource dept. | Do a web search for the company. When you do a websearch, you’ll notice that the company has tons of listings for jobs on tons of job boards. You’ll find the company on their own social media. What wont find are other companies that used this company. The jobs that are listed are ridiculous too, they seem to be hiring an entire company with the amount of jobs they have. The jobs range from all forms of marketing, but there’s never an accounting position. There’s never a mail room position. That’s because their main goal is to recruit you into their pyramid scheme / scam. | The person that calls you is usually a woman. Sounds very nice and sweet, and claims to be the H.R. person. Then she’ll set you up with an interview with a hiring manager. What? Wait, you’re the H.R. representative, but you’re sending me to a hiring manager? First interviews are always with H.R. Always!!! | If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Good Luck


  • Name: SLG Marketing, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Piscataway
  • Address: 30 Knightsbridge Road #525
  • Phone: (732) 788-3083
  • Website:

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