Slim4Life Weight Loss Centers Prosper Texas Review


I entered Slim4Life, May 4, 2015, to get an idea if their program would work for me. Sera told me the program worked with foods i would buy at my grocery store. There would be no special meals, diet, shakes or soups past the cleansing stage. The one month introductory offer advertised on the radio was never mentioned. Only a DISCOUNTED price of $599 which include a $300 discount. I signed up after a quick talking long introduction. The parts I heard sounded good and the ones I had questions about went by so fast, I had no chance to ask questions and at the end didn’t remember what I wanted to ask. But I heard loud and clear “No special foods””. i heard the set up and enrollment fee was non-refundable and was quickly shuffled through signing. People read the whole agreement before signing! Non of it is refundable! Look closely at the list of supplements



salad dressings


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