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Ryan Sloan approached me and one of my employees in a parking lot explaining how he can show me where my company is losing money and how he can review processes that are in place. I agreed to pay him a RETAINER of $2,500.00 and I did. He then came by every day trying to get time with me for some strange reason. I was very busy at the time and the last time I checked, a retainer means I will call you when I need you. Needless to say he recieved zero time from me. One of my men was confronted by Sloan and he stated that I can’t get any time with me. I want to interview him. He came to my office and I had about 15 min of free time so gave it to him. He started the conversation with asking me random questions. He then charged me $800.00 for this. I was out an entire week and he decided to interview all my direct staff and charged me for that. Not once did he ever recieve clearance to do this. I came in Friday afternoon to sign checks. One of the checks came up missing that I signed and it was blank. I searched and asked all if anyone knows the were abouts of the check with no luck it was gone. 2 weeks later my banker showed me a check that Ryan Sloan cashed. It was for $7,300.00. This is the missing check. Ryan sloan explained himself to my mangers that he sells conversation. When asked about the check he bold faced lied and stated I asked him to take one of the checks. It doesnt work that way. He is thief and a con man. If I didn’t have anything to lose, I would be heading to prison. He took food off my childrens plates.


  • Name: SloanInc
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Houston
  • Address: 360, 11210 Steeplecrest Dr
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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