Smart Products Corp.


Fraudulent bnt company in doral, florida. Do not do any business with these people, they are corrupt, and their products being advertised on telemundo spanish channel a subsidiary of abc. Notified them, they could care less. There are multiple reports on scamion about them, and how they misrepresent their pricing, to allude the public to order their products. We will never again, do any business with these thieves. Their answering system, will display obnoxious music, and they will not answer the phone for minutes.

Once received, sent back usps for $8.42, with a tracking number. Call them back, gave them the tracking information, said that from the $169, they would be deducting $39 for shipping and handling, but why…The order was cancelled immediately, and you mailed the stuff anyway. We will charge you anyway, and your credit withing 3-4 days. Is been two weeks, no credit at all. Called my bank, cancelled credit card, reported as a fraudulent company charge with no access to a credit.

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