Smart Travel & Incentives Murrieta California Review


We performed all the required steps to arrange travel tickets through them. But no arrangements could be made by the company for any of the dates requested. We requested dates that were far enough apart and were for only two people but they could not secure anything for us. Despite us following their instructions to the T. So we requested a refund as instructed. We sent a certified return receipt request for the 100 dollar deposit we put down.nThat was 60+ days ago, we have attempted to contact via email and phone. Left messages and have not received any response from any of our attempts to contact. It has been 2 weeks of voicemail at this point, without response from them. nWe did everything that was instructed to obtain tickets and now a refund but neither has worked. The only time we received any service was before we had sent the deposit in. This is the definition of scam. Promise service, make it hard to do in the first place and when all requirements are met still dont follow through on promised services. Then hold on to a deposit, at this point illegally even according to their requirements and wording.

801 International Parkway 5th Floor Lake Mary, Florida United States of America

(407) 562-1891

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