SmartAdv Review


The people behind this outfit are the worst I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They are incompetent, fraudulent, manipulative and will threaten anyone who gets in their way. If you value your own reputation you will do the sensible thing and keep as far away from them and their criminal associates as you can. It has taken over 10 weeks to establish that they are behind the harassment and fraud that they have tried to bring myself into. They hide behind a web of lies and fraud blaming everyone but themselves for their crimes and threatening anyone who tries to expose them. Unlike those that are stupid enough to have got into contracts with them and are now running scared of their illegal contracts I am not and have nothing to hide. | Their marketing activities consist of harassing people with multiple spam emails day after day for multiple products that you have no interest in. Illegal emails that provide no opportunity to unsubscribe! When asked where they had obtained permission from to send out these emails they provided a different email address (which they fraudulently and incompetently claimed was linked to mine), a fraudulent IP address (which had never been used on the website they claimed it had) and a fraudulent date on which the website was supposedly used to opt in to receiving their illegal spam emails. If they try to claim this is untrue they are again being fraudulent I have letters signed by reputable international companies that prove they are liars and fraudsters. Any attempt by the companies that they are in a contract with to expose who they are is apparently met with threats of legal action and provision of further fraudulent information blaming other associates for their crimes. Unfortunately for them this is also illegal and hence eventually the company relented rather than face legal action themselves on behalf of these criminals. | I have made attempts to contact them repeatedly over the 10 weeks that this has taken to sort out, asking the companies who are associated with them to do it on my behalf and have heard nothing back. They are clearly to scared to do this and know they are in the wrong hence their attempts to hide their actions and blame everyone but themselves. How about getting some guts, admitting you have messed up and actually trying to put things right rather than running scared?


  • Name: SmartAdv
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: West Palm Beach
  • Address: 1655 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard Suite C-1005
  • Phone: 561-229-1537
  • Website:

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