Smartertrader Sam Parikh chicago


Complaint: I had been following this guy on Twitter for a couple of year and noticed he had been making some spectacular gains in options trades… until the wins kept adding up without mention of a loss or bad trade, only retrospective sales of “winning”” trades. Usually a sign of someone who posts for attention and falsely earned accolades rather than actual trading skill. I signed up for 3 months and trust me it was really bad. One win is given so much attention versus the 15 losses he sprays in his live chat room on his website. To me

Tags: Bitcoin Fraud, Internet Fraud, Investment Fraud, Online Trading, Phone Service, Ponzi Scam

Address: an experienced trader I was not at all impressed with someone who says they “”have 30 years plus option trading experience”” Sam Parikh has about 6 month of option trading experience. Seriously. This guy

Website: then you can lose your account. In a blink of an eye. No joke. He does have a few good trades but that is far and in between. To win daily without any losses is a lie. @smartertrader should confess his losses in his Twitter stream so you look real and not fake. Your energy is negative

Phone: @smartertrader is so bad that I really do believe you can if you’re in the wrong trade

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