Smith’s Charming Aussie Puppies Review


We were recently taken advantage of and scammed out of money and left dissapointed without our Australian Sheppard puppy. If you are considering buying a dog from this breeder – DO NOT!!! They are cropping watermarks off of images and using testimonials from other reputable and real breeders on their own website. The “breeder” goes by the name of “Tomas Smith” and he is “located” in Stockbridge, Georgia. How the scam works: | 1. After the initial contact with Tomas, he send you additional pics of the puppy, information about its breeding and health and states how much the puppy is selling for. | 2. He send you an email from [email protected] asking about your experience with dogs, your living arrangements and your lifestyle. | 3. If you want to proceed with purchasing of the puppy, you are sent the purchase contract and info on how to send a deposit/the full amount through a moneygram transfer. | Tomas asks that the moneygram is made payable to ONEAL ROLLINS DENKS, who he claims works in his kennel. | 4. Once the moneygram is sent, you are then asked to send a photo of the moneygram receipt and copy of the purchase contract back to Tomas’ email. He picks up his moneygram from the Walmart in Stockbridge immediatley upon receipt of your email. | 5. Tomas confirms by email that he has received the money and he will contact the delivery agent to begin the shipping process for your pet. | 6. A shipping company called “Peer Movers Express” contacts you by email to send you an invoice for $100 for the shipping costs for the dog. This is then followed up by another email that they’ve just received the dog and the dog is to be delivered to your address. At this time, you also receive your delivery time and a tracking number which links back to Peer Movers Express’ website. The tracking number works but it shows as “pending urgent refundable insurance needed”. | 7. You then receive another email from the shipping company which asks you to purchase refundable insurance for $1350 USD from PetSecure, otherwise the pet will not be shipped without insurance. This also has to be transferred via Western Union money gram to NELSON RAWLINS from Savannah, GA. | 8. UNFORTUNATELY, IF YOU DON’T QUESTION THINGS BY THIS POINT, YOU WILL, WHEN YOUR DOG NEVER SHOWS UP! | 9. When you try to reach out to the shipping company and insurance, the numbers are fake or go to a generic voicemail. When you try and challenge Tomas with questions, he eventually stops answering his phone or replying to your emails. |


  • Name: Smith’s Charming Aussie Puppies
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Stockbridge
  • Address:
  • Phone: (912) 472-8450
  • Website:

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