Below is the correspondence I”ve had with this company regarding the theft of my money. I strongly advise against doing any business with them. Your company does realize that all of our correspondence is immediately copied in by my government since I reported this, right? And in your past correspondence, you stated that your company doesnt refund orders of such a small amount? Is it possible then that you would like to personally give me your own bank account information so I can just dip my hand in and retrieve my money, the money I work so very hard for? In answer to your inquiry: NO. I do not want your company to reship my order. I do not want to wait 25 days for my own hard earned money to be refunded. Your company was so eager to accept my payment by phone with an immediatree yo call me if you need my guidance on e withdrawal from my bank account, I want an immediate refund. Immediate as in NOW. I truly hope I have been clear on this. Feel free to call me if you need my guidance on getting MY MONEY back to ME, my number is xxx xxx xxxx. But you already have that information right, along with my address and bank account information? I am very much looking forward to your response. Patricia Anderson Show quoted text

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