I was a employee of smoothie king I started out with low pay and bad hours the company has a serious issue with roaches and other pest but that is not why i am writing iam writing to let the world know that nThey have record of firing employees rather than paying them money they were promised when hired When i took the job I already had knowledge of what happened to the previous two managers at that location and what pay they made it to before they were fired..and that majic number is 10.00 per hr I was told I was’nt doing my job and thge money was’nt right which is a lie the job sucked..I had to fill in for people who didn’t show up and they took money from my pay that anothe employee lost or stole. nit’s bad enoughthat people are eating blended roached with thier smoothies but on top of it all they did’nt even get all the ingredients they paid for…I watched the owner greg play with other employee’s pay not mailing it to them or deducting money for made-believe BS nI will never drink another smoothie from any of the 8 stores owned in the atlanta area..and I will never recommend anybody to work or patronize that nasty unsanitized store nHealth nutnatlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.

650 Ponce De Leon Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.


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