Snow Power Plumbing Long Beach New York Review


Jim Snow replaced a sink in my kitchen, and ran plastic tubing to it. He forgot to crimp one of the lines, and my wife came home to a flooded basement. We called him and he blamed her for putting things under the sink! Guess he was upset she didnt like him making moves on her. I took pictures of everything including the uncrimped ring. He fixed it and left. About a year later I met up with a former worker of his, he told me, lets just put it nicely, he has a past that sometimes becomes his present. I will be glad to tell this story to the news if they want. I feel sorry for anyone at his mercy. Sloppy work, wrong attitude, over priced and never on time except to get money. After this we started using Angies List, he has alot of horror stories there. This happend a few years ago to us, but recently someone put a flyer on my car when I was shopping, glad I read it. It was asking anyone who had a problem with Jim Snow to please help get him out of Long Beach. He was probally coked out when he did the sink, and hit on my wife. (The entire time telling her how he is Born Again) I hope more people come out to help. Long Beach is a very expensive place to live and we always needed to use Long Beach “approved”” workers.”

317 East State Street, Long Beach NY 11561 Island Park, New York United States of America



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