SOCIAL New York Brooklyn New York Review


SOCIAL New York claims to be a development & placement agency in New York City, dedicated to furthering actors & models careers. Wrong-o. Instead, SOCIAL New York lures in aspiring artists with the promise of agency placement and instead attempts to sell over-priced workshops. All off of the glory of Derek Green’s children. Who is Derek Green? And more importantly, who the hell are his children? Derek runs this company solo, but he talks avidly about a “woman”” who has discovered his children and rocketed them to superstardom. Such success

that they are raking in the cash. But yet

Derek sits in a rented cubicle on 44th street

preying on the dreams of naive actors & models dying to break into the biz. Let’s get one thing out of the way

it’s obvious that this “”woman”” he speaks of does not exist. She doesn’t have a name

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