Social Security Fraud Dept Review


I recd a call on August 22, 2018 and I spoke to Ron Parker, ID7426099310 who stated that my social security number was under suspicion for drug trafficking in the state of Texas. I was instructed to listen to the info they had and if I agreed to work w/them they would not interfere w/my social security. They asked what kind of credit card I had, if I had bank accts open (they would have to close it); if I had money in the bank and how much. I told them I had $5.00 in the bank. They said they found 22 lbs of cocaine in the car that was rented under my social security no. They stated they were going to be at my house today before noon; I was told not going to leave before then. Mr. Anderson, Ron’s supervisor, said I’m looking at 9 yrs jail time and that I had bank accts opened locally and internationally. My case no. is DC7010 and warrant no. is 537542.I called the FTC to report the scam and phone numbers.

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