I dated a man for 6 and a half years. His name is leon but he tends to go by Q or quran. Toward are 3 year mark, and pregnant with our son he would leave to go for walks. Randomly through out the day. One day he decided he was going for a jog but forgot his phone. I found out that night he had a girlfriend. He told me lies for days and eventually i believed he ended it with her. 2 and a half years later i go to get on our shared tablet and find a list of women hes slept with in the last five years. Wtf? Weve been together lonher than 5 years!!!! He had slept with over 100 women. I went to the gyn doctor i had 2 stds. He told me it was ok it was something we needed to work on. Why i tried ill never know but a year later he has had a girlfriend for 7 months and she sent me pictures of her with my son and voicemails of him telling her he loved her. His name is leon quran tillman he tends to go by the name Q. He is a sociopath, an emotional abuser to the fullest and make you believe you are the reason and problem for everything. And everytime you try to walk away he will make you feel like diamonds in the sun just to kick you back down. He is broke and sleeps around only when he has a job, he usually is a server or bartender so he can sleep w his employees and customers. It doesnt matter what you look like or how old you are he is 29 and slept w a 17 year old and a 52 year old. He is sick. We have a son together and whenever i drop him off to his father who is now living with his grandma rent free and not paying child support because he only works 4 days a week and he needs that money he tries to come home w me to try and fix things. He is a loser and will never go anywhere in life and his ego is so big from all these gurls fuckin him that he honestly believes he is a great guy.

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