Solar Distribution Scam Review


A tag was left on door stating that this is the "final attempt" and "must call to schedule delivery". Tag has similar information to a tag left by UPS/Fedex/USPS. The back had hand written information about wanting to send more information about solar panels from Solar Distribution. It was signed by "brittany". Called the number and was asked to verify the code on the front. The guy proceeded to explain the benefits of solar panels and that he would like to schedule a home visit. He first needed to know how many kilowatt hours a month we use and that we could go look at the meter to tell him. I told him not doing that, he said i could just give him the meter number and account number on bill and he could look up the information himself to "better assess our needs". Would not take no for an answer, i kept him on the phone and led him on for about 15 minutes before he realized he wasnt getting ****.

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