SolarTEK Fredericksburg Virginia Review


SolarTEK invited us and other couples from Fredericksburg to a dinner and a presentation of an insulation product. We were exited since the product looked ideal for the historic home we were remodeling to live in. The sales person then made an appointment with at our home. nWe agreed to pay a down pament of $700 towards the fukll purchase price of the materials. But then whenthe salesperson left we realized that he had signed for himself although the company letterhead was used. We immediately .acalled the salesperson and asked for a refund (I beleive Virginia provides for a short period in.j which we can do this). The salespseorn was then called three more times but even wiht his promised of a refund nothing came.nWe called the company and spoke to Mike Bresnahan of SolarTEK. We were promied that SolorTEK would do everything they could to make this right with us.nThe original contract was signed on Oct 17 2010. We wrote, called and faxed the company and the salesperson every week at first and then every month since. There has been no response. And we are out the materials we had hoped to use plus our down payment.nWe should have known something was wriong when the company’s web site did not list any address to write to and all te phone numbers for the numerous state locations were all the same.nThis company is a fraud. They do not do installations and the cost of the material we wanted to purchase from them was 10 times the price of an identical product (we found this out after much research on our part).nWe are now ready to insulate our historic home but will use another firm and another product. If anyone gets what loks like a free dinner invitation from this company reun as fast as you can.

Fredericksburg, Virginia United States of America


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