Somrthings Phishy Bountiful Utah Review


My Discus died within days and were not what I ordered.nI ordered five Golden Dragon Discus. The fish shown on their web page were bright tangerine orange with blue tinges in the fins. What I received were very pale yellow, with lots of black specks. Three of the fish died within days.nThe two that survived have very poorly shaped heads.nIt’s not like I’m a novice. I’ve had healthy discus for many years. Something’s Phishy didn’t even bother to respond to my request for a refund.nI have no way of knowing, but I strongly suspect that Something’s Phishy is little more than a dumping ground for sick and poorly shaped or off-color discus from Asian breeders.

Riverview, Florida 33579 Riverview, Florida United States of America


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