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n December of 2011 I moved into a newly constructed home. I had a York Heater and Heat Pump installed. I moved in and had heat so I did not have any concerns, however in July 2012 when things started to warm up I turned on the air conditioner and it did not work. So I called Sound whom the builder (Paul Lubbesmeyer) had contracted with to put in the heating system and they came out and detected that they HAD FAILED TO HOOKED UP THE HEATER TO THE HEAT PUMP AND COMPLETTE THE WIRING JOBu2026.. So I had been running on emergency heat from the time I moved in to the home at a considerably higher cost for a period of 7 months! Keep this date in mind because it reflects that my Heat Pump has been in operation only 3 years and 5 months and has had 2 repairs ($1000+) in that time period. They spend most of the day hooking up the system at no charge to me. I thought that was the end of my problemsu2026. That was not to beu2026… In April 2015 u2013 I had issues with heat and Sound came out and made the repairs. At that time I began to get concerns regarding the heating issues I was having and mentioned to the technician that maybe I had a u201clemonu201d system. He quickly brushed me off and stated it was a minor issue. In August 25 2015- I was having cooling problems so out Sound Heating comes and they determined that u201cdoor tab to the dead man switch was bent and repaired the tabu201d Devin Morris (who is no longer with the company) did the service. He also completed a fall service. I thought I was good to go for the winter, but that was not to be. Fast forward to Friday the day after Christmas 2015, when I came home from Yoga, I noticed that the house was coldu2026. Called sound heating and they told me to put on the emergency heat and call Monday for an appointmentu2026.and reviewed their exorbitant charges to come out for a diagnosticu2026.. At that point I was not about to have these fools nowhere near my heating system as they had proven their incompetence over and over again. I called Sunset air and a technician (Justin) came out and explained that a coil tube was busted off. He stated there was no lowside pressure. He also stated that he had never seen it installed in the way it was and indicated that it was not done right. I was told that the part was under warrantyu2026. However the repair was time consuming and that I was looking in the neighborhood of $1000+ u2026. This in a heat pump that had been in operation for 3.5 years! This was the 2nd Heat pump repair in less than 2 years as I had previously had a Heat Pump repair done by Sound Heating in 2014 with a cost of about $1000 after being told that the heap pump was under warranty but the repair was labor intensive and therefore costlyu2026.. They stated 2 wires were stuck together and had shorted out. When I asked them why that happen, they statedu2026. Oh that is just the way your heat pump was wired. You just happen to get a heat pump that had two wires that were close togetheru2026.. At this point I called Sound heating and requested a u201cStartup Sheetu201d from Bret Irwin in service which is a record of all of the repairs done and installations with all of the pressures from Sound Heating beginning with the initial installation as I thought that I had a u201clemon heater and heat pumpu201d. I also contacted the Washington State Service Manager Chan Unruh @ ***-392-1567. He was referred to me by the York customer service division @ 1-888-524-2258 as I could not believe a Heating system so new would be having all of these problems and needing repairsu2026.. I also booked an appointment for Sunset Air return to do a thorough forensic analysis and post mortem of my heating system on Thursday December 31, 2015 @ 8am. Les Robertson (Energy Analyst) came out this morning for about 1.5 hours to assess the heater and heat pump. Sunset Air while sympathetic will not initiate the repairs due to potential liability issues and the possibility that Sound Heating would not take responsibility for their work. He told me I had picked the highest quality system and that he doubted that the issues were due to a u201clemon heater and heat pumpu201d. He took a bunch of pictures and will consult with the experts @ his company. He also told me any warranty should start not from the date the unit was installed; but not hooked up (2011)u2026. But from the date that the system was hooked up and operational which was 7/21/2012 and all charges related to any work should have been under warranty for both parts and labor from 7/21/12 u2013 7/21/13. I have the receipt that states the system was not hooked upu2026. To quote the repair note u201ccustomer had no cooling and only running on emergency heatu2026. The outdoor unit was not wired up and indoor unit never went through startupu201d u201cpressure tested, leak checked Vacu2019d to 300 miceoig?, unit was started in coding worked fine, heating is also working normalu201du2026. On December 29, 2015 I again called service and spoke with Bret Irwin in service. I again requested a u201cstartup sheetu201d from Sound heating. He told me that the company had u201clostu201d the startup information on my York Heather and Heat Pump and that it was not available to me. He then asked me what did I want that information for? Does this sound like a company who has something to hide from their customers? What are they afraid might be discoveredu2026. He then went on to state I would get farther with sound heating if I were nice to them vs being frustratedu2026. Now the company is telling the customer they have victimized to u201cbe niceu201d or whatu2026u2026 Conclusion: In summary I have requested a u201cstartupu201d sheet to determine if my equipment is defective or if the repairs done were done in an incompetent way and have been denied this information. Please note that there have been multiple other repairs I have not listed but that Sound Heating is refusing to provide the u201cstartupu201d sheet so that I can exam the nature of the repairs and consult with York customer service to determine if my equipment is defective at this point. Therefore I will be posting this document on a regular basis to Yelp, google, Angles list, Facebook and twitter and on the Sound Heating website to WARN consumers of their gross incompetence in regard to services rendered in my new home. I will also be sending a copy to my builder (Paul Lubbesmeyer) who made the decision to use this company. I will also be filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau and the Washington State Attorney generalu2019s office. I will pursue this with York customer service and the NW Washington State Service manager, as they need to take responsibility for the type of companies that they select to do business with. I will follow up with consumer affairs in Washington State. I will also seek out media attention to assist me and warn other people about unscrupulous business practices such as Sound Heating. I would urge people to go online and do a thorough review of Sound Heating and you will see that my experience is not unique, but reflects a pattern on poor customer service, repeat repairs and incompetence.

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