South Lake Pain Institute, P.A. Review


Was a patient for 3 years they are at best a second rate office for pain management | more like a drug dealer with a degree that milks Medicare $400 a month to simply | re-write prescriptions.I haven’t seen the doctor in months always a PA or nurse. even when I did see him small talk nothing about advancing a plan about pain management | Can’t help but Notice that on almost every visit and I went every month some client fighting w/staff over something. | I moved almost 3 hours away to Bradenton Oct 2015, I applied for records to be faxed to new doctor the day after my move – 15 phone calls later and as of Dec 22, 2015 | STILL NO RECORDS and I call South Lake Pain Institute EVERYDAY and I am told everyday that they are Sorry and | the records will be sent Today. I contacted HHS and filed a compliant | My final prescription wasn’t signed in the proper spot so Walgreens in Bradenton Fl said they wouldn’t accept this prescription & that I would have to go back to the DR and get a new prescription. | I called South lake Pain Institute and the woman said come in tomorrow and will re-write you a prescription | after driving 2.5 hours and waiting 25 minutes in the offive they threw the original prescription back to me told me that I could make an appoinment and come back next week for a new/corrected prescription | I looked at her and said “Are you crazy, you want me to drive home 2.5 hours wasting almost 6 hours of that day to only come back next week and spend another 5-6 hours to get a new presciption because the doctor signed it in the wrong spot?” | I am on Medicare several months ago I received my Medicare statement and it reflecta hefty charge for | SMOKING SESSION – I confronted Dr Paez I said; | “You and I never spoke about smoking & you didnt treat me for it” | he said to me “when you filled out the original form 3 years ago you stated that you smoked” | he proceeded to show me the report and my signature at bottom of that THREE YEAR OLD Report | I looked at him and said “I stopped smoking right after starting treatment all by myself, you & I have never spoken about my smoking” | That my friends is MEDICARE FRAUD and they have been reported for that | STAY AWAY from this place they


  • Name: South Lake Pain Institute, P.A.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Clermont
  • Address: 845 Oakley Seaver Dr
  • Phone: 352-394-0833
  • Website:

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