Southern Bound Babes El Cajon California Review


I found this business through Pinterest. I purchased an outfit for my 1 year old baby’s birthday party on July 12, 2017 for over $60! I decided to spend this much because her first bday is obviously important and the shop seemed legit. Over 30k likes on FB and actively posts on Instagram. When I made my purchase I received an email right away confirming my purchase. It is now almost a month later and still no update if my package has been shipped. I texted the number on her site like it asks, I sent an email, I messaged her on Instagram, commented on her Instagram pics, all while she ignores me and continues to post new updates to her FB and IG. I then look up her business and see that others have the same issue with ordering items and never hearing from her or getting their clothes!!! (see BBB reviews here: I am super frustrated with the fact that she is just completely ignoring me. Not good business. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SHOP – she will scam you or just plain ignore you!

751 Ave B Canton, Texas USA

(903) 288-0299

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