Southern Commerce Bank Review


Ive been with this bank all year and Iam a disabled veteran I can only live off my disability payment. I sometimes may need a advance but it is taken care of on the first when the Us department of treasury deposits my monthly disability. Last month Because I am a veteran and my pay was a day late they froze my account I have been calling all month to try to resolve this issue and get access to my funds so that I can eat and survive. I was told by a supervisor That because its a disability deposit then there is no way for them to prove that I will be getting paid. However you can already see my next deposit for the following month. So now they want to deactivate my card and send me a new one making me wait another week to have the money to take care of myself. I have re injured my self working on odd and end jobs to feed my family the best way I know how and now require another surgery. Thanks for looking out for vets southern commerce I would have pulled my direct deposit and changed bank accounts by now if the had not froze it…What the hell is up with these guys. If you do find your self about to open a account with them be forewarned especially if you happen to be a veteran. They will go out of their way to screw you when they get the chance and if you call to ask them why? be prepared to sit on phone for several minutes waiting then you will probably be hung up on shortly there after… .

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