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Do yourself a big favor and dont even consider booking anything through Southwest Vacations. After booking six months in advance for a trip to Disney that we had saved two years for, they completely botched our plans. We had booked a 1 bed/ 1 bath villa which, according to their website had a full kitchen and a hot tub and coordinating flights. A few weeks prior to the trip, I had called the hotel to ask for a certain area of the resort to be told that our reservation was for an incorrect week and an efficiency room. After several calls and literally hours on the phone, it turns out Southwest vacations doesnt book the premium villas but only guarantees the efficiencies. Their advertisement depicts the opposite. Being that I had a very specific room type in mind, I attempted to cancel the hotel portion of the trip but was told by a supervisor named Felicia that I would have to cancel my flights as well. Being a few weeks off our travel dates, re-booking the flights would be at a substantial increase in price. I explained that I simply wanted what I had booked and paid for and the cancellation was no fault of mine. At no time did Southwest Vacations attempt to procure the premium villa of find a villa with the amenities their website has advertised. Rather, they spoke down to me and stated ” a kitchenette is almost the same”. They then claimed that I had called earlier and demanded a handicapped room which is simply not true. Regardless of what they THINK, I want what I booked and what I paid for. In summary, they said I would have to get a rental car to keep my flights. They charged me an additional $250 on top of their “bulk rate” (see more expensive) airfare. We already HAD a rental car but now needed a hotel. This trip ended up costing us several hundred dollars more because they falsely advertised the room and then penalized us for cancelling it. Customer service was a nightmare, each person told me something different yet they became increasingly rude and angry with each call. As though I was being unreasonable actually wanting the dates and room that I wanted! I will never even consider booking with them again. Horrible. I have complained several times to customer service and am being ignored.

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