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Be careful when dealing with this individual..he would not properly fix my proximity senser after getting my screen replaced. I took it to him to get my screen fixed on my iphone 4s and didnt think i was going to have this kind of trouble just by my screen being replaced. after taking my phone to spark i noticed that my phone wouldnt turn off when i was making a phone calls. it kept dialing or hanging up or it would put me on mute and made it very hard for me to take any calls. so i called spark again and told him of my issue and he said it was probably a software issue and needed to pay for him to check it out. after trying to explain to him that i never had that issue untill after he replaced my screen and that i had even used it before taking it to him his tone changed. I could tell he was being short and his answers started to become blame on me for not knowing all the ins and outs of my own phone. He tryed to explain to me how anything could be the problem and that their was no way he had caused the issue. he even began to tell me that maybe it was my fault for not noticing the issue and that i dont know how to use the my own phone. it just seemed like he wanted me to accept what he was saying as true but when i told him the facts of it working prior him fixing it and now it didnt, he began to tell me that he couldnt have casused the issue because he knew more than me about iphones and that i must be doing something wrong. I know other people having the same issue by using cheap replacement parts and the senser stopped working. I took it to mallinium wirelless and got it fixed properly. I will never go to spark again and recomend you to do the same. to have someone blame you for them fixing your phone and then have them act like total jerks by treating you crazy just because they know more about it than you do and tell you to your face, is not someone i would like to contiue or recomending doing business with. .

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