Sparkle Market Cleve Ohio Review


I’m a vegetarian and fruit & vegetable enthusiast, so my primary food sources are fruits & veggies. I began noticing Sparkle was selling “Honey Crisp”” apples at more than $1 per pound higher than other stores. So after weeks on the shelf these $3.29lb. apples were turning mushy

damaged and bruised. So they mixed them in with the cheaper $1.49lb. apples and removed the $3.29lb. placard. I assumed because of the condition they decided to sell them cheap rather than throw them away. I picked out maybe 4 and at the register they rang up for over $9. I immediately reminded the cashier these were damaged and mixed in with the $1.49 bunch and asked her

do these look like $3.27lb apples? She said certainly not but called the produce lady over

when she arrived I pointed out the damage the fact that the sign was gone and that they were mixed in with other apples. She insisted these apples would be sold for $3.29 and not a penny less. I refused to pay the outrageous price

so she took them to return where I found them. Later I was told when those apples go bad she mixes them in with the cheaper ones hoping buyers would’nt realize what they were really paying for rotting apples. I got lucky only because I had’nt bought any other items. This Rip Off goes undetected to shoppers buying many groceries. After this incident I took photos and noticed not only apples

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