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Complaint: Steven Mosher was contacted by our mortgage company to do an appraisal for a client. He came in very low and when the client complained we discovered he had come in low on several other deals including one for this very same client. We challenged the comparables he used and he became extremely belligerent. The comparables easily supported the values but he adjusted the value downward to meet his own idea of value. Because the valuation was so low we ordered a second appraisal and the value came in at the sales price. This was a property that had multiple offers and should have had no issue meeting value. Steven revealed to the agent that he lives in the same area and he said, u201cvalues are climbing too high and raising our taxes and this isnu2019t right!u201d Steven has a personal agenda and completely ignored the facts of the market. This caused my client anguish and money. We will no longer use his appraisal services. On his webpage he states heu2019s also a Real Estate agent. If thatu2019s true Iu2019d avoid him at all costs. If he canu2019t uphold the rules of his appraisal license then what makes anyone think heu2019d do the same for his real estate license? Heu2019s not to be trusted as he has proven to be incompetent.

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Address: 304 Solano Dr Allen, Texas USA

Website: www.realestateagents-in-tx.com/brokers/steven-e-mosher–spectrum-residential-appraisal–allen

Phone: 2147890909

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