Speed Auto Sales and Leasing Review


I have bought a 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 from this dealership,it was represented to me as a quality used vehicle, that they have double inspected it and that it was represented as 100% quality used vehicle. then the misrepresentation of it started happening to me, 2 days after I got it, it started smoking out of the hood I called them back and ask to speak to Frank the representative that sold it to me, after I told him what was going on he said that I was responsible for the repairs, so I asked to speak to a manager and he said you are speaking to one, had no intentions of helping me. so I posted a review on Yelp the sales manager Mike ask what we could do to make it right, I told him I had 3140 out of the $8000 in repairs left, he said let me see what we can do and I’ll get back to you, so the next day I go on Yelp and he writes on my comment that I was a rival dealer lying trying to bash his company and that he offered to help which he did not, real reason for posting this I don’t want any young people like myself who are hardworking to get scammed like this please take my comments into consideration if you decide to do business with these people. thank you for listening .

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