SpeedyAapplianceSservice.com Review


I was also a victum scamed by speedy appliance service. I called them to repair my refridgerator and was quoted 1200.00 to complete the job. They told me the reason it was so expensive was because kitchenaids warehouse was located in China and the parts were unavailable in the US. After giving them a 300.00 deposit I contacted the manufactuer the next day. I was told that the parts were available in the united states and the cost of the repair would be approx 300.00 by a licensed authorized dealer. | I called Speedy Appliance and cancelled the pending service. I am patiently waiting for them to return the part that they removed from my fridge. They also informed me that there are absolutely no refunds on deposits. Since I see numerous complaints filed on here and the internet I plan on contacting the districts attorneys office and filing a complaint.


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