Spiritual Hhealth Counselor Review


I asked her to help me with healing. Instead she got me phsycically attacked even more and then charged more money for additional healing. After that, she asked me to send her money through the post. I sent her the money and then she raised her prices for 100 dollars more and refused to give me healing unless I paid another 100 dollars. Not only that she refused to give me back my money 310 dollars as a refund. Giving no reasons or explainations as to why. She hasn’t helped me at all. She stalled my life, made the situation even worse and then tried to make more money out of it. And finally embezzeled my 310 dollars. I cannot believe she has the audacity to charge 410 dollars for her awful service. She is pea brained. She doesn’t listen to the client’s request because she thinks she knows it all, when she doesn’t understand a situation. She messes things up charges extortionate prices for bad service, she lacks in mental abilities. Embezzes client’s money. DO NOT GO TO THIS WOMAN. Can get better service at fraction of a price. IN FACT I NEEDED TO SEE TWO MORE HEALERS JUST SO THAT I COULD GET RID OF THE BAD AND NEGATIVE ENERGY WHICH SHE INCREASED. Instead of refusing and struggled to get out of the situation until I saw these two healers who charged half the price for the session and twice as much effective. She is THOUGHTLESS. Short sighted and hard hearted. I have seen many healers but she was the WORST that I have ever seen and ONLY DOES THINGS FOR MONEY. INstead of healing and helping she tries to exploit the clients as much as she can. MONEY CRAZY PEOPLE LIKE HER SHOULD NOT BE HEALERS. SHE HAS NO RESPECT FOR HER CLIENTS. HOW DARE SHE TAKE MY MONEY. I HOPE HER BUSINESS COLLAPSES.

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