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Complaint: Public service announcement Don’t work for them or use the for Google services. This is by far in my opinion the worst company to work for.They mistreat and mindf$&k staff. The CEO has an ego similar to the go of Donald trump. The CEOs wife thrives on gossip and starting rumours about current and ex staff. There is a list of ex staff who have left the company with nothing to show for there hard work other then anxiety and damaged careers. When you leave the company… You are told you can’t work for another agency or start your own business otherwise threats of legal action ensue. The bulletproof your business author them calls you to remind you of your ridiculous contract using scare tactics and threats. As a client, you will be given a client manager who is forced to manage over 120 clients (this is almost triple what it should be at max). Minimal work is done to accounts but yet when you try to cancel this service even though there is no contracts, you are subject to ongoing save tactics with the promise of more work or free management etc… Truste, if you are a current client, call them and try to cancel… You will soon see what I mean. Even the operations manager has complained of some pretty serious accusations in the past but is now the puppet of the CEO and his wife. The sales team are taught to find any possible angle to tell a prospective client how their Adwords account or seo is failing them. A Google crawler is setup to cold call and business using Google Adwords.

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Address: 50 shottery st Nationwide Australia

Website: www.sponsoredlinx.com/

Phone: 1300859600

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