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My nightmare starts on 11/11/14 when I went back to staples with an apple ipod that had a malfunctioning screen since the last apple update. I bought the item in 2013 and bought the 2 year extended warranty which was supposed to cover everything including accidental breakage. Staples actually sold the warranty on behalf of squaretrade, so all I got from them was a pamphlet and a number to call. Called the same day and spent several hours, first they could not even locate the warranty in their system then had to jump through several other hoops. After that, I was told I would get an email and reply to that email with a copy of that receipt. After several days, no email. So I call again, and go throught the same nonsense for several hours, and got the same reply, you will get an email in several minutes, reply to that email with a copy of the receipt. Again, I wait several days, no email. So now I am mad, cause I have just wasted 5-6 hours for nothing. So I call again, and this time I refused to leave the call until I received the email, and voila. This time I get it. I reply to the email, put in the reference number required as per email instructions, attach copy of the receipt, and wait for contact that the receipt has been received and an update. Nothing. I call again, they can’t locate the email to begin with, and eventually they locate it. So, they say sorry, you have to call the manufacturer. And say, why, the two year warranty I have is with you guys. So, I argued for several hours until eventually I was put through to a supervisor, who said, no problem, we will send a box out you, and you can send the item back to us and we will send it out to either be fixed or replaced. Guess, what, 2 weeks late, no box, nothing. I called back and said what happened to the box, there are no records of that ever happening, and they still don’t have the warranty in their system, every time I call I have to provide all the information again each time. I am at my wit’s end. So wherever, you are, and your are purchasing an extended warranty, make sure you ask you exactly is providing it, and it it squaretrade, my experience should give you reason for pause. You are better off with a local warranty, where you can physically walk in and talk to someone, these guys are in Karachi, Pakistan.

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