Stacie Gatison, California


Stacie Gatison is my ex. After the first year of dating she cheated on me with a guy. She told me she was strictly lesbian. Not only that she lied to me where she was when it happened. The guy also happened to be a good friend. It gets better though. After that we took some time apart and she begged for me to take her back. She said she was determined to prove she loved me. Well she stated doing shady stuff like going over to guy’s houses and doing their hair and not telling me. Now I’m not saying she had to tell me her whole life every second of the day just don’t be sneaky. Makes you look bad even when the situation isn’t. Oh and before this portion I took her to Hawaii with me. Things just felt different for a while. Then we broke up 2 days before our 2 year anniversary because I have “trust issues” and “communication issues”. It hasn’t even been a full year since she had cheated on me! Smh Stacie Lyn Gatison you are a liar a cheater and a horrible person. Your mom would be ashamed of who you really are.

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