Stalkers and Harassers


Again, They do not live in Oldham County. They live in mountains. *** **** is a place in South Dakota, United States.

Your picture on the fake Terry Fowler Carpenter on facebook makes you look childish. Most older women like yourself (getting close to 70) don’t act like a child. Grow up. Do not accept fake Terry Fowler Carpenter,  This belongs to STALKER DORIS CAMPAGNA.

Liar, Doris! You don’t know what the peephole is. Only landlord Glenn Smith, Richard Lauersdorf, Kristie and Terry know about the peephole! If Richard told Doris, she would not repeat it again. Seems the peephole is driving her crazy.

Joan Harryman thinks that everyone who requests her on facebook is Terry. Terry has her own facebook and has blocked Joan and Doris. She also has over 400 friends and family on it. That is why Doris is pissed off because she can not suspend Terry’s account. Doris impersonates people and fools her people.

Doris can not stop bullying Terry. She has a lot of problems with herself and others that why she continues to bully people. She uses old court papers to show what someone else was accused of yet she was scared to show up in court the last 3 court dates. Doris had filed 2 false police reports against Terry stating she was stalking her. Neither report was true and the cases were dismissed.

Seems Richard Lauersdorf made Doris crazy and jealous with his lies 7 years ago and still she has no self esteem.

Doris is ”disturbing” enough mentally to everyone. Doris is a sick fu*king person. Doris has a lot of problems starting with her mental state. It’s really screwed up big time. No kiss-kiss, your filthy mouth ew~

Doris, Try opening a book before you open your mouth and spit LIES. Doris who belittles others are only belittling HERSELF.

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