Star European Motors


Complaint: I trusted these people for years with my car, only to find out that they have been systematically ripping me off. The way I found out that they were ripping me off was this. First off, I bought my car from them (a Mercedes Benz turbo) I took it to them with the complaint that the turbo didn’t seem to be working correctly. They told me that the turbo in the Benz are not as strong as in other cars, but that they could install a device that would boost my rpm’s. Cost almost $500. After picking up the car, I couldn’t tell the difference, although they assured me there was. After a few weeks I took it to another repair shop that discovered that the turbo wasn’t even hooked up!!! Cost to me was less than 50 bucks and now the car runs like a bat out of hell. The people claim to have over 50 years experience repairing Mercedes cars. They are liars and rip off con artists. Avoid this place like the black plague. Robert California

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: 934 West 17th Street Costa Mesa, California U.S.A.


Phone: (949) 631-4194

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