Star Financial Incorprated Review


I received a letter 12-12-2017 it said to call 877-267-9253 from Star Financial Incorporated with a check for $2,450 saying that they have offices in the US, England and South Africa. The U.S. office is 881 Main Ave Los Angeles, CA 90014. Also on the check is IBM Computer Share Incorporated 250 Royal St Canton, MA 02021. The letter says we are pleased to bring official notice to announce you as second prize winner in the second cateogory of the European, African and North American Consumer Sweepstakes in conjunction with department stores. Serial number 91037855, matched first five lucky win numbers and subsequently won $250,000 from the Consumer Sweepstakes Lottery held on December 4, 2017. Contact Jim Morris at 877-267-9253 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm to start your claim processing and to activate your check, please adhere to these instructions. Claim number is CAL884123.

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