Starcross Wolves Review


3 years ago in 2015 we flew to texas to purchase 3 hybrid wolves from william lambert, starcross wolves. We love our dogs and i was curious to see what breed of wolf they actually have. Well i was very dissapointed to find out that the one he sold us as 94% wolf only has 12.5 percent wolf, one girl has none and the other is 25% coyote and no wolf. This man is selling high content wolves and they have none. | He is missrepresenting these poor aninmals as hybrids for the all mighty dollar. The state of texas should put an end to his selling. Im sure so many of these have been sold and when state or local officials find out some of these pups are hybrids so to speak are being put down and when actuality they dont have any wolf at all!!!!! this man needs to be stopped and if this yscam helps to stop people from buying his pups then maybe it will hurt his business and he will be forced to stop.


  • Name: Starcross Wolves
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Athens
  • Address: 10602 Co Rd 1208
  • Phone: 903-804-0123
  • Website:

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