Starmark LLC Review


Alex Dimusto is a degenerate dirt bag and anyone that rents property from him or has any dealings with him is going to have a horrible experience. He is a scam artist that received money from his family and tries to be a landlord and he is absolutely terrible at it. The house I lived in from him had leaks in the ceiling and the pool leaked into the ground next to the canal which caused FOUNDATION damage. The house itself was very nice but when you’re renting from someone any major repairs should obviously be coming from the landlord and I had to come out of pocket multiple times to fix repairs just so I could even live in the house without worrying about getting sick from mold or the back deck falling into the canal from the pool leak. When I refused to pay the rent he decided to try and sue me and obviously he failed! Do yourself a big favor and never rent from this guy or you will be extremely sorry. .

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