Start fresh financial Review


Originally, I was doing my federal student loan debt consolidation and servicing through , whom I found out recently put my loan in forbearance and pocketed the money.The ownership services changed to StartFresh Financial after 2 years. Everything seemed business as normal until I decided to defer because I was going to school full-time. I had no issues until recently when I got a ding on my credit report that my student loan was 90-120 days late by the Department of Education loan servicer.I called Start Fresh Financial. No answer just brief messages. I tried emailing and their email was no longer available. I decided to call up the servicer directly and they told me I had to start paying my loans again back in January 2019 and that I was past due about $1000. I found out from the servicer that the services can be done for free and that there was no need for a third party servicer. I also got a payment history from the DoE showing that they made maybe 1-2 payments in the last two years. They were putting my loan in forbearance and taking all my money.

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