Starz Entertainment Review


Rude, rude and really rude! The only channel to show no respect what”s so ever for all the people involved in filming movie or series shown on your channel. Who the heck cares what”s on next. We have a guide!! I get so disgusted I don”t even care to watch your movies, which by the way are not so good. Encore had much more interesting older films. I am told you own Encore, so what happened? Yes, Starz is part of a package with Comcast, however I choose not to raise my blood pressure with the anger I feel when your silly and rude banners come up with what”s on next. You are not only insulting the cast and crew, you are insulting the viewers! Since I have all the premium channels available, I, at least can skip through your programing with the ease of my remote. Oh, least I forget I had the same issue with Encore. However I did watch films, but just turned off when banners popped up. But your films now…are sad choices. Very poor programing Starz period!!

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