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Complaint: I made a payment of $727.27 on Dec 8th which was my previous balance also it is confirmed to Central Collection Unit on that day for the institution, Morgan State University. However, there was another transaction of the same amount $727.27 on Dec 9th which was a mishap whereby Central Collection Unit confirmed the first payment of $727.27 on Dec 8th and DID NOT refund my funds back into my account. Therefore, Central Collection Unit obtained $1,454.54 from me when they were only suppose to receive $727.27 for Morgan State University. As mentioned the other $727.27 was NOT refunded back into my account. Further information – this payment was made over the phone with Central Collection Unit at 1-866-272-1548

Tags: Colleges & Universities

Address: Baltimore , Maryland USA


Phone: 18662721548 or 4107677921

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