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When I decided to move, I received several quotes from various companies. The quotes were all over the board, from $1,800 to $4,000. Statewide Relocation Services was the most persistent moving company, always calling but very friendly and knowledgeable. I developed trust in their reps because of how smoothly our conversations flowed and how they always had an immediate and seemingly honest answer to my many questions. They quoted me about $1,900 which was one of the lower priced quotes. They encouraged me not to go with one of the companies charging me more, because their quotes were padded for profit, and Statewide was honest and fair. Ha.nSo many messes ensued very soon after pick-up. n1. First, I paid 1/3 of the quoted priced before the movers arrived. I assumed this meant I had 2/3 more to pay. Wrong. They charged 50% of my first payment as a broker fee aka commission (for their sales rep who suckered me). They added that to the initial quote I had received!n2. After pick-up, they called me to let me know my total was actually going to be over $3,000 even though we went through the inventory item by item for the initial price quote. Mind you, this is a one bedroom house with no appliances being moved. Hmmm.$3,000???!!n3. The rep initially told me SW provided 30 days of storage for free to let the customer get his/her act together, get settled, get the payment ready, be prepared for delivery, etc. A week after pick-up, SW started calling and emailing me insistently, demanding the remainder of the payment (my stuff is still in their storage at this time). n4. SW waited about 2 weeks after my move, while my items are still in storage, and emailed & called me to let me know they were going to auction off my things. They were also charging me $380 for one months storage!n5. When I asked what had happened between the initial quote and everything I was told and now, and I asked them to please understand my situation, the rep responded with you are lucky we have not charged you a penalty on top of this. n6. They sent me a credit card authorization form, and demanded a copy of front and back of my credit card and my driver license. They also informed me that they were charging an additional 3% fee on top of the bill for processing the credit card. Like they arent making enough on the bill that they already overcharged me for.n

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