Stay Away from Dr. Steven!! He Will Fleece You!!!!


Hi guys!! My name is Chris and I am 47 years old sales representative in a real estate firm. Sometime back I started feeling some pain in my leg, which, I thought was a result of my swimming indulgence on the last weekend.

After a few days, the pain got so bad that I had to literally shout out for help. I could not even walk properly. Doctor in my neighbourhood did not prove that good. So i started searching for a doctor who can really you know take me aout of this situation. I came across this website named Exactly, the kind of reaction you are giving me hearing its name out is what i did. Unplastic is so unnecessarily and forced sort of creative thing. Right?? Well…yeah…but i did not really care about it then. I was you know under the influence of this bad pain. My focus was onto getting rid of this anyhow. I was also ready to pay any amount to come out of this excruciating pain. So i did a bit of basic research and fixed an appointment with Dr. Steven White at his clinic Scott & White in Kileen Texas. This Doc was quite an actor and amateur doctor. He in the beginning said that the pain was due to some minor thing. He advised me to only you know give rest to foot…elevate it blah blah….and i did actually. All of that but to no avail. The pain was not ready to leave me. I went there again. He examined my condition once again and now said that it is due to some injury in my back. My discs have slipped. Ohk. I first could not really understand the connection here. My back and feet connection was quite the Da Vinci Code mystery for a man like me. As I had said earlier, I was worried about only my pain…so i you know kind of ignored this too.

I was advised a surgery. I despite being on a limited a budget did not mind it either. So the surgery was operated and I thought the misery will end now. But the road to relief was still far away. I will not lie…the pain had subsidised a bit but it came back after a while. And my misery started all over again. Now the pain had shifted to my knees. There was no pain in my foot now but my knees were hurting like i have hit them against some rock. Dr. Steven gave me some scientific reason for the same. It eas due to some wear and tear in my knees. I had to go though some surgery once again. Holy shit. Was I a body for surgical practice.??? I would have had more holes in my body than pores. When i refused this??? The doc then advised me for some therapy… some clinic. I said ohk for this too..once it was ohk. I stayed at home for a few days. The pain then came back again. I got frustrated with this and you know i in fit of rage rushed to Steven’s clinic. But this was not ready to meet me now. He did not show his face to me even after you know repeated requests then one day…he just you know out of i dont know what….decided to meet me. Dr. Steven was smiling at situation. Yeah. It was so rude of him. He recommended a couple of medicines, which i thought would work. But yes you guessed it right. It did not work. The pain was back again. As if it had become my destiny, i went to their clinic. The doctor was not there. I kept visiting the clinic thrice a week but to no avail. Nobody was ready to meet me. After a month or so, i got to meet this guy. His attitude had changed completely. He was completely you know ignoring me like he had done some kind of favour to me. I was so depressed that i thought of going on vacation somewhere to get rid of this all. But no. I had this pain in my leg. I could not even do that. My life had become hell. But i was not ready to give in easily. I decided to file a case. That is when i came across another person here in Texas who too was a victim of Scott & Clinic. This guy was like brother in terms of what we had gone through. Really. The same experience. Exactly!!!!

The pain in leg and then advice on you know a wrong body part then therapy and disappearance of the doctor. Wow!!! The life had come full circle. I went to the clinic with all the evidence to demand compensation. But these people were you know kind of habitual offenders who were not afraid of law. They had you know made their future out of cheating innocent people. To be able to cheat, you got to be prepared really well….that is what they do. You know. The registration form they had made me signed had some sort of a clause, which means that there could be no legal case against them particularly by their patients. What kind of law is that where the culprits have got all the things to prove them innocents. They have got everything to cheat innocents.

I was shocked more than surprised to know this thing. I had never come across anything like this in my life. So this thing was quite depressing for me. I knew i wiill get justice some time down the line but what about those who have not been able to go the legal way to get the justice. Then…after sometime…i met this Guy from Texas who had the same experience as mine. He too was depressed. So i would strongly recommend that you guys do not go to Scott & White clinic because you are going to suffer a lot. I dont want you to go though my experience. It was the worst. Stay away.!!!!

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