Stay Clear Ladies: Matt Schroeder, NE


Liar Cheater Man, Nebraska

Ladies stay clear of this man, Matt Schroeder from Blair/Omaha, NE area. He is a lying piece of crap. He makes you believe that you are the only woman, but actually he has multiple women at the same time. Don’t believe a word he says that you are the only one. Oh, & it gets better with this piece of crap. He has unprotected sex with these women & you at the same time. He doesn’t respect or care about you ladies. So if you have had sex with him in the last 6 months to year, you should get checked & get checked for up to at least a year. I have slept him with him & found out he was sleeping with a nasty woman at the same time. And now, I am getting checked every 6 months because of this scum bag. And if you have friends or know of ladies that have had sex with him, pass the word of what a lying piece of crap he is & tell them to go get checked. Feel free to warn other women about him. Matt has to have multiple women at the same time to boost his ego & when one woman doesn’t give him the attention he goes down his list of women he has on the hook. Matt gets women to fall for him by sending them a picture of his big d***, ladies it is big, but it isn’t worth sleeping with him & getting some nasty disease!! Just think of it as you might as well have had a threesome with him & the other woman at the same time. He has slept with a woman that is allergic to latex & that woman has slept with multiple men unprotected. So, ladies STAY CLEAR of Matt Schroeder!! Feel free to share his picture that I have posted.

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