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I bit on a pop-up ad for Lipoplex via an email link. I gave my credit card number for a $6.95 shipping charge. Like the 54 other reports you have received on the Steel Bridge Lipoplex scam. I received the 60-day unauthorized shipment on June 26 and found your website when I attempted to contact Steel Bridge throught their web page. I contacted them by phopne and received the usual line. nI received their confirmation of cancellation of further shipments and charges. We’ll see how that goes! nI’ve filed an IC-3 with FBI’s internet fraud site. I’ll file an incident report with our local sheriff ( Oregon County Missouri ) Tim Ward. Our former Missouri Govermnor, Mel Carnahan’s daughter Robin is Missouri Secretary of State. I’ll report the fraud to her and Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon. I’ll also notify Senator Claire McCaskill and Rep. Ike Skelton. nI will notify the NBC Today Show, CBS 60 Minutes, Oprah Winfrey’s Show, BBC News and National Geographic, as all are featured in Steel Brodge Medical’s fraudulent web ad if I can be of any help to Ripoff Scams, please contact me. nI know several trial lawyers who may be interested in following up on this scam. nCharlesnWinona, MissouriU.S.A.

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