S does not honor any return policy. They sold me a used pair of shoes and tried to pass them off as new. | The shoes smelled like horse maneure when I got them. They had a big worn mark on the right shoe, the stitching was loose, they were dirty on the bottom and they had no tags on them. It was obvious they had been worn by someone with smelly feet before they were sent to me. | This manager tried to tell me that the wear mark on the toe was from paper. Give me a break. Paper doesn’t wear fabric. It is clear the shoes are used. | The manager refused to help me. They refused to take the shoes back or send me a new pair of shoes. I paid 105.99 for used shoes! On top of that they blocked my email address because they are too chicken to talk to me about their obvious rip off merchandise. | I got news for them. I will not pay for this trash. I had used this company for years and never had a problem. I really liked their shoes. I bought at least two pairs a year but never again. | This manager should be fired and they should be shut down or sued for treating people this way. They obviously have a new manager who doesn’t care about customers. All he does is argue with you and speak over you like you are nothing. He’s very unprofessional and rude. This company is a complete rip off. My advice is don’t buy shoes form them.


  • Name:
  • Country: United States
  • State: Wisconsin
  • City: Eau Claire
  • Address: 800 Wisconsin Street, Mail Box 15 Building 2, Suite 110
  • Phone: 1-866-737-7775
  • Website:

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