Stephanie Bolek Lansing, Michigan Michigan


So this home wrecker was a friend of both mine and my husband’s. He new her back in high school. We were pretty close. I confided in her things like how I couldn’t give him oral because I was molested as a child. She knew we had been struggling this year and told me whatever happened, she’d have my back. (Yeah with a big knife in it) || Anyway, the evening before my marriage went to hell in a hand basket, we invited our friends over for a long overdue get together. Put the kids to bed and went out back to the garage and had a great night of laughter, drinking and talking about old times. She and I were the only females there and 2 of the other men there were single, willing and she teased them all night. || My husband has always been the one to be last to bed and typically the drinkers. I went up to bed around 3 and fell asleep waiting for him. All if a sudden I woke up from a hard sleep at 6am. Feeling like something was really wrong. I went downstairs, no one was in the house. I went out back to the garage and as I approached the window I saw them doggy style. I came around the door and burst in.The look on his face was drunk and like he had no clue where he was till just then but boy did he know what he had just done. || The look on her face though, no shock or the slightest remorse. She knew exactly what she had done… I asked outright later the day.”Did she start with a blow job?” Yep… she knew exactly what she was doing. In our home, our kids right around the corner… || Our marriage is currently pending…

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