Stephanie Kathcart Missouri Missouri


I knew something was up when my husband started taking his cell phone everywhere with him and not coming home at night saying he was working late. In February of 2014 I finally managed to hack into his cell phone records and was in total shock when I saw that for 4 months straight him and this whore had texted and talked and sent pictures back and forth every day for hours at a time sometimes till 2 or 3am. I found her on Facebook and looked through her photos and found one that had been taken in his office which is actually an apartment that was supposed to only be for me and him to go in. I contacted her and she told me that he had took her to the city and stayed in nice hotels because he said they couldn’t be seen together until he was divorced. Then the bitch said for $200 I will tell you everything. I told her to go screw herself.

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