Complaint: MEADE PLC & ZORRO LAW LTD STEPHANIE LARA KLEYMAN HANDS OFF CHANGALA STEPHANIE LARA KLEYMAN HEAD OF THE LEGAL TEAM AND HANDMAIDEN TO AARON GERSHFIELD KEEP YOUR VICIOUS HANDS OFF CHANGALA. Remaining staff left in this building are appalled by your callous behavior towards Changala Mukwasa,How dare you try to push him out the way you have done to so many before him. Changala has been a fervent servant from day one; he has done all that was asked of him, often staying on till the wee small hours of the morning in order to please Aaron. How do you repay his loyalty? Booting him out? Remember Ms Kleyman Aaron, Ian (or is it George) Pushing staff aside who have served you well and using these underhanded tactics to get rid of them will result in a backlash the size a tidal wave of bitterness and resentment you might all be washed up on Brighton beach. Cease and desist now, or you might find the following statements released to the national press and do not forget, that access to all your data bases gives the remaining staff a very wide circulation of Northway House contacts, clients, suppliers and personal bankers. You could find yourself fending off questions by the hour. Press releases like the following, Northway House and management team has announced it has called in the receivers. Northway House and management team will not be able to meet any future financial commitments; this criteria will apply to all current staff and suppliers. Bankers have put up Northway House up for sale, in order to recover monies due There could be so many more ? Stephanie Lara Kleyman back off and do it now. These remaining staff members have not been one bit surprised by the huge numbers of postings that have appeared on web sites detailing the devious and duplicitous business practices that are carried out in this building on a daily basis. Families friends and acquaintances however have been shocked to the core by the revelations and we all agree sadly that they are in the main all correct and extremely well documented. The Management team running this building seemingly have forgotten how much information former staff took with them, and we suspect from the whispers around us that much worse is to come. So think long and hard about booting out one more member of staff who according to you all has become an obstacle ,do you know what he already has on all of you, and what he might have stashed away for his own protection?? Think on, you have been advised???

Tags: Work Place Bullies

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