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I want to expose both the home wrecker and my Ex. Obviously she wasn’t the only one who played a part in this situation. So here it goes, from the beginning. || Tony and I had met at my job in 2008 In Kent Washington. He used to come in for his lunches, and at that time we started flirting a little back and forth and quickly became friends. We found out through our conversations that we actually lived in the same apartment complex. When he found out that I lived a few doors down, he asked me to come over after his shift ended that next day at 8am. By this time we had been friends for about 2 months. The day I went over there, was the day I became his girlfriend. We were pretty much inseparable from that day on. He claimed that honesty was more important than anything else in the world. I thought the same thing, thinking if we were honest with each other we could overcome anything. I fell in love with him, thinking we wanted the same things out of life. About 3 months from the date we started our relationship, he had to go to Arizona for his sister’s wedding, while he was there he constantly called me, texted me etc. He gave me his house key before he left, and told me I could stay at his apartment. While he was there, he told his mom and his family he found the girl he wanted to marry (at least that’s what he told me when he came back) Shortly after him returning home, he told me he wanted to return to Arizona to go to school, and he thought it would be a great idea if I came along, that he didn’t see himself moving without me. I had no obligations, as I had a dead end job, I thought this man was the one, so of course I upped a packed my shit, and took off to Arizona. || So imagine my surprise when I showed up with him, and NOBODY knew about me. I guess I didn’t think too much about it, as his mom quickly took me in, and had asked us to live with her while he attended school to save us money. We built our life there in Arizona, our relationship was great as I saw it. I found out I was pregnant in 2010, 2 days before I was supposed to leave to Washington to visit my family, so we had been together for about 2 years by this time. I was surprised, we really hadn’t talked about children too much, maybe here and there but nothing definite. I told him I was pregnant, and gave him the choice that if this was too much for him, I would change my plane ticket to a one way, instead of a round trip. He told me no, he wanted this family and he was happy for both of us. Life continues, I have our daughter, and things are pretty stressful living at his parents, his mom really had no feelings about her granddaughter and was constantly nit picking and correcting my parenting. We decided we wanted a better life for all of us, seeing as how he got kicked out of school, we had nothing going for us in Arizona. My family offered us money to help us move and get away from the drama of Arizona. We started looking around, and choose Lincoln City, OR because I wanted to live near the ocean, and he had friends there. The end of 2011 we moved there, and this is when the deceit and lies started. || So here we are in Oregon, he asked me to marry him, wedding band set and all. Go ahead and plan the wedding he says!! He even starts looking for venues etc. so fast forward a little bit more, one day he told me he had a weird fetish that he was interested in. Sadistic sexual fetishes I had no interest in what so ever, that did not include intercourse (he got off on needles, pain, piercings, burnings etc.). He asked if I would be ok if he went and explored this, me, being na´ve and thinking he wouldn’t sleep with anybody else (since he stated it had nothing to do with intercourse), I agreed. As he had been completely honest with me up until this point, I thought I had no worries. Soon, he started talking about a girl that he had seen while out with his friends, and he had known her from back in the day. She had the same interests as he did, and he wanted to explore them. He was completely honest with me about the things he did or didn’t do. Things got out of hand, and this girl wanted more from him, she wanted a relationship, and he had told her he didn’t want a relationship with anyone else, that I was the one for him, he only wanted someone to share his fetishes with. She claimed she wanted more intimate relations such as sex and he told her no and immediately stopped talking to her. I believed him when he said there was nothing going on, just the pain and needles shit etc.(What was I thinking?) || Fast forward a few months and here it comes. The homewrecking. I didn’t like the idea of him seeing anyone else, even for his”fetishes” because I knew it would end up being more than just a fetish, and I would end up being hurt. Obviously he didn’t give 2 shits about my feelings of remaining monogamous, as I soon find out. He Goes to the bar one night and happens to meet a girl (this is what he tells me) her name is Stephanie. He said she was pretty cool and could see himself being her friend. Once again, he is honest with me (or so I thought) and besides, I wasn’t one of those controlling girlfriends who doesn’t let her boyfriend have female friends. He still continues to talk about US and our future, he’s there for our daughter and I, he always comes home when he says, texts me constantly, so I have no reason to worry right?! I even met Stephanie at one point, and it was clear we were together. He comes home from hanging out with his friends one day, and were talking, and he happens to bring up Stephanie, telling me they were no longer friends (I think this is in March) he didn’t give me a reason as to why, and I didn’t question it. || So with our wedding plans still going, I buy a plane ticket to Washington for my daughter and I to visit family and maybe get some help with wedding plans. Tony stayed home, due to not being able to get those days off work. Right before we leave, our phones happened to get shut off because with my buying my plane ticket, we couldn’t afford the $300 bill. We agree to use Skype, and email, via WIFI since he rarely used facebook. Within a week of being in Washington I knew something was wrong, when he wasn’t answering my emails and hasn’t returned my Skype calls. Apparently there is no WIFI in Lincoln City, HA!!!! Finally after getting a hold of me after DAYS of no contact, his excuse was that he had broke the phone, and the people we were renting from had asked us to move so their daughter could move in. Looks like we are now homeless, so he tells me to stay in Washington and look for work and an apartment for us, and he will drive out here once I find something solid. I found work, bought him a phone and added minutes so we could stay in contact, and I sent the phone to his friends where I knew he would get it. days go bye, he tells me (through email) he has the phone I sent him, but has yet to activate it. Ok so I wait a week, thinking he’s been working a lot since he tells me he is trying to save up to get to us here. Finally, wanting answers and not hearing from him, I go on facebook to find anything I can, see if he is OK, maybe a friend knows what’s going on. I got more than I bargained for. Stephanie seems to still be his friend on Facebook, (weird since he claimed they were no longer friends) so I click on her profile, and start browsing, when I notice she posted that she was pregnant, and she estimated her conception date to be in February. Red flags start going off! as far as I knew, she had no boyfriend, and I know Tony and her were hanging out at this time. I do everything I can in my power to get ahold of him, to confront him. At first he denies everything, telling me they were only friends, I know I was really dumb back then, but now I am starting to see things for how they really are, so I keep pushing it. He finally admits to me that YES that kid is HIS!! He’s been living with Stephanie, while I am here with our child, trying to find US a place to go, thinking he’s homeless, and us too, since my daughter and I practically on the floor at my moms, but nope, he seemed to have no care in the world. || Here I am planning my wedding, working my ass off, trying to find us a place to live, with no worries about our future as a couple, or so I thought. I found over FACEBOOK, that Stephanie is pregnant with HIS child, and to top that off, shortly after he admits it to me that it is his, I found AGAIN over FACEBOOK that they are engaged!! And had been for a few weeks,(nothing on his facebook, only hers) UMMMM he never did break off the engagement with me, so I was hurt beyond belief. He made me think I still had a fiancÚ, all while fucking this bitch who KNEW we were together. Looks like we were BOTH planning a wedding to the same guy. He was practically living a double life with his mistress, That didn’t bother her, obviously. || Of course I broke it off, I didn’t want to be with someone who was cheating and lying, So I messaged him, telling him that he can see his daughter any time he wants, Please call her and at least have a relationship with her and gave him my number. He contacted me Via KIK and didn’t ask about our daughter ONCE. He told me he still wears the hat I gave him, and he missed me. Didn’t miss me enough to keep his shit in his pants though right? Keep in mind, he’s engaged to her now, yet telling me he misses me. I didn’t say much back besides his daughter missed him, and I needed help with clothes for her. I never did get a response to that, and haven’t heard from him since. || One day I get a message from Stephanie, I guess some of my friends had made nasty comments about the fact they are getting married, and had let it be known they didn’t agree with it. ( on the website The Knot) and she wanted to reach out to me and have me ask them to stop, saying her whole family could see those comments. I told her how I felt about it all and I couldn’t force my friends to do anything, they did this on their own free will. I did ask her how come she couldn’t be womanly enough to let me know about her and Tony. She finally claims they had a relationship together since the day they met, and said they actually met online, he sent her a message first, and they never did meet at the bar like he said. She tells me she never did care that I was in the picture, and that I should have expected this and seen it coming. Maybe she is right, I should have seen this coming, but with him being honest ( I thought) I did not expect this at all, especially to find out over facebook that the last 4 years of my life, with someone who I thought was my soul mate, was all a lie. She says its not her fault they had fallen in love, when him and I were together. In my opinion they both could have stopped this, by not furthering their friendship, knowing he had a family with me. || Its been over a year and a half now, (I JUST discovered this website, or I would have posted sooner!) and I haven’t heard from him at all, and neither has his daughter. Tony and Stephanie are now married, with a child of their own, and I heard from a friend that he now has her daughters from a previous relationship call him daddy, yet he doesn’t give that chance to our daughter. Just last week I had sent a message, telling him and her (2 separate emails) that our daughter was asking about him, I asked for his address so I could send some photos as well as pictures she has drawn, and I haven’t heard back yet, but they both saw and read the messages according to the little facebook notification stating they had been read. I can only assume that since she runs his life (she is the dominant one according to her) and she runs his facebook, this is partly the reason we have yet to hear from him. Then again, a real man would not allow a woman to keep him from his child, so that tells me something else about him. He is a coward. || I am now in a relationship with someone who makes me very happy, and is wonderful to my daughter. He is helping me pursue child support and full custody. I have a feeling Stephanie and Tonys marriage won’t last, because it was based on lies and deceit, but maybe they were made for each other. the selfish part of me hopes that Stephanie will one day be posting on this very site about some other woman came in and did exactly what she did to me. After all is said and done, I don’t think he will ever settle with one person forever. So now for me, I am going to enjoy watching my daughter grow up, I will enjoy finally getting married one day to someone whom I love and trust, and I will keep my eyes open to things around me.>

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