Stephen Levine


I have been helping people for over 30 years I take a very holistic approach to working with clients and customizing treatment to their specific needs. It is my experience that creating a safe, nurturing, but challenging working relationship is essential to helping people open up and develop enough trust to really be honest and explore what the issues are. Whether you are looking for some coping strategies to reduce the stress in your life, or if you are wanting to go deeper and understand the underlying emotional dynamics that create the frustrating interpersonal relationships or unsatisfying circumstances in your life, please call me.I have a firm foundation in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, but I am also a 500 hour certified yoga instructor, trained in the ancient healing meditation of Yoga Nidra, have had years of advanced training in Integrated Breath Therapy, trained Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and am a Certified Imago Relationship TherapistI studied psychology and was mentored by some unusually gifted clinicians at the U of California, Berkeley and at the U of Illinois. My internship was at the Anxiety Disorders Clinic now at U of Penn where people, feeling hopeless, came from all over the world to get help with the most difficult anxiety disorders.

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